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Telecom Services

Telecom Services consists of Active and Passive Parts. Active infrastructure compares the core clement of cellular telephony in the form of a network and contiguous radio cells providing coverage through operating on dedicated set of radio channels of defined frequency.

Telecoms infrastructure for operators primarily consists of:

  • Active infrastructure (such as spectrum, switches, antennae)
  • Passive infrastructure (such as towers, BTS shelters, power)
  • Backhaul.

Active Infrastructure or Electronic Infrastructure include components like Spectrum (radio frequency), base tower station, microwave radio equipment, switches, antennas, transceivers for signal processing and transmission, etc.

Passive infrastructure sharing (commonly referred to as tower sharing) has attracted significant interest from both operators and tower companies. Companies like Helios Africa, American Towers and Eaton Telecom are already working to gain first-mover advantage by pursuing tower acquisitions in the region. Over the next three to four years, the tower business is all set to grow into a fully-fledged industry in Africa and the Middle East.

Our presence is in both the parts and we are rendering services as TSP and I&C Service provider in active part; while our products like TM,TS etc. has brought an envious position of us in Passive Infra part of Telecom services.