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SFISL Social Responsibility

To craft the milieu of balanced growth in the civilization at any place in the world, the social responsibility of the organization works as a constructive tool; and SFISL is on the same path for the purpose. The organization has already initiated its efforts towards the goal by organizing campaigns like blanket distribution and taking active parts in the efforts of the social organizations serving humanity - facing acute dearth of provisions for biological survival like in floods, earthquakes etc. Furthermore, SFISL is coming up with elaborate plan for serving humanity in perennial way by establishing Schools, colleges, Orphan Houses, and Old Age Homes etc in the coming years. In addition to all these, SFISL has also planned to initiate its social activities through NGOs- by patronizing the existing ones or by bringing new ones on the issues like saving environment for the coming generations and making common masses aware about the alternative sources of energy and small entrepreneurship as an alternative path to make individual life better including rendering pace to the domestic production of the country.