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We provide premium pest control services ensuring all safety and environmental requirements &compliances with customized solutions for your business and industry.

Features :
  • Adopting  a continuous evaluation system  for effectiveness of  treatment
  • Identification of pests and analysis of their current activity in and around the facility
  • Providing  necessary recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity
  • Treatment solutions
  • Implementation of effective control methods
Methodolgy :
  • Design Pest Control Schedules
  • Plan control strategies
  • Latest equipments , technologies & methodology
  • Disposal & Removal
  • Use of environment friendly chemicals
Commercial :
  • Anti Termite Treatments(Pre construction & Post Construction)
  • Rodent Control
  • Mosquito control
  • General Pest Management
Residential :
  • Anti Termite Treatments(Pre construction & Post Construction)
  • Pest Control For Crawling Insects(Cockroaches/Red Ants,Black Ants Etc)