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Manpower Solution

Talent is core to any organization’s competitive advantage. But at the same time organization’s success depends on the flexibility to staff up or down based on business demands, plus the ability produce efficiently to keep costs in check. That’s why Manpower gives the organization’s talent resourcing options – so it can find the skilled people it needs to drive business performance, while benefiting from the agility it needs to respond smartly to workload fluctuations. Whether organisation needs to staff one hard to fill position or hire large volumes for peak season, Manpower's staffing solutions can help you achieve your goals. Organisation’s be able to meet customer demands, manage workforce costs and outdo the competition more than organisation’s ever thought possible.


Skilled Candidates: Finding skilled candidate is the biggest challenge faced by the companies. In this situation outsourcing agencies mainly helps the organizations.

Most of the companies waste more time and expenses for selecting the candidates.Then the outsourcing helps to find the skilled candidate effectively and the companies directly use the candidate to achieve their goals.

Productivity and efficiency: It improve the efficiency of business..Outsourcing companies have well expertise staff and they helps to developing business process.

Customer Services: Outsourcing helps to providing a better, effective customer services.

Other benefit of manpower outsourcing is Time zone differences, Core competencies, distribution of risk and better management of customers and candidates. Manpower outsourcing activities provide a quick accessing of new skills and fresh ideas.Many of the companies handle their functionalities slowly and expensively. Outsourcing agencies provide accuracy, fast responses and efficiency.

Outsourcing trends in India

More companies looking to rationalize employees on their payroll. Manpower outsourcing is slowly becoming a new buzz in india. Recent survey “Outsourcing in the Asia-Pacific “conducted by a global Outsourcing firm, the survey shows that many companies in this region are either unfamiliar with the process and procedure of outsourcing. In India the most common process outsourced are related to training, payroll processing, surveys, and benchmark studies.Today every organization is aiming at the achieving productivity by enhancing return on investments and achieving the economies of scales.Indian agencies offering the services: providing contractual employees and project based recruitments.

Secure has put the effort of man power solution service in two ways:

  • Online Job Portal – This ambicious project already initiated to cater valuable client by providing quality resumes/bio-data as screened & Categorized through our HR Team as per the market requirement & serve the respective client with initial filteration. The Vision of Secure is to become one of the top five job portal by next 3 years.
  • Direct Outsourcing to Existing & New Clients by direct marketing.