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  • Office assistance
  • Front office / Reception
  • Reprographics
  • Document Management
  • Data Entry
  • Fleet Management
  • Pantry Management
  • Help Desk Management
  • Sales and Marketing Resource management
Payroll Management
Our Payroll Management System gives you the power to:
  • Manage Employee Information Efficiently.
  • Define the emoluments, deductions, leave etc.
  • Generate Pay-Slip at the convenience of a mouse click.
  • Generate and Manage the Payroll Processes according to the Salary Structure assigned to the employee.
  • Generate all the Reports related to employee, attendance/leave, payroll etc.
  • Manage your own Security
Benefits :
  • User friendly interface that can be customized as per business requirements and is scalable.
  • Saves time and lowers error ratio.
  • Quicker entries of payment information as compared to a manual methods
  • Run payroll registers that double-check all  information before depositing salaries in an employee’s bank account. This allows identification of errors and corrective adjustments  made in advance.
  • Computerized payrolls simplify tax processing through  computation of data.
  • Can integrate with the clients software  as well as other softwares .
  • Computerized payroll eliminates the stress of processing all records.
  • Old payroll reports can be generated by just a ' click '.
  • Reduces TCO and increases ROI.
  • Tracks and maintains all information of salary transfers.
Office Administration
  • Office administration stafing such as receptionist, dispatch clerks , Xerox operators, Food & Beverage service , filing operators , booking of tickets , travel desk operators  etc
  • All training needs specific to their job roles and are undertaken as per client specifications
Services :
  • Rent
  • Electricity Charges
  • Landline Charges
  • Mobile Charges
  • Broad Brand Charges
  • Wireless (Data Card) Expenses
  • Water Supplier
  • Bubble Top Supplier
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Stationery Items
  • Courier Charges
  • Xerox Charges
  • Travelling Expenses
  • News Paper & Other Periodicals
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Annual Maintenance Service
Contracts :
  • M & E Maintenance
  • House Keeping Services
  • Landscaping Services
  • Security Services
  • Guest House Maintenance
  • Furniture Maintenance
  • Intercom (EPBAX Instrument)
  • AC Maintenance
  • Any other to Specify
Admin Tasks :
  • List of Admin employees and their salary structures
  • Statutory coverage for the above employees
  • Scope of Admin activities
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Admin employees
  • Last 3 months MIS report of Admin department
  • Approval model for the admin expenses
  • Budget for the admin expenses
  • Approval system for expenses incurred beyond the budget limit.
  • List of PAN India Contracts and nature of services rendered by them
  • Details of contractors handling Vendor management
  • Any other vendor management
  • Existing reporting structures of Admin Employees.
  • Scope of Email Management.
  • Scope of Courier Management.
  • Payroll management
All agreements pertaining to :
  • Rental
  • House Keeping Services
  • M & E Services
  • AC Maintenance Services
  • EPBAX Services
  • Security Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Landscaping Services
  • Furniture Maintenance
  • Courier
  • Tea & Coffee Supply
  • Courier Management
  • Email Management
  • Supplementary Vendor Agreements
Mail Room Management Services
Activities :
  • In-bound Mail Management
  • Out-bound Mail Management
  • Vendor Management
  • MIS and Reporting
  • Pre-processing of Mails
Advantages :
  • Handled by trained manpower
  • Completely Automated Mailroom with incoming data capture & Email intimation to mail recipients
  • Technology initiatives  on proof of delivery , record & capture
  • Mail delivery at mailroom counter – all mails delivered within two minutes
  • Logical process designed mail slots for  easy  retrieval of  mails as per  SLA’s
  • Process defined for every activity
  • Instant mail track and trace facility
  • Substantial savings  on mailing costs
  • Optimal near zero error processes
  • Single window point for  incoming and outgoing mails
Ware House Management
Service offerings :
  • Complete  end to end Warehouse Management processes & system implementation
  • Assist &  manage day to day operations
  • Efficient and expert management of infrastructure
  • Vendor development and management
  • Performance of all contractual obligations by various sub-contractors,
  • Sharing of knowledge base in the industry and our expertise in terms of  best practices.
  • Handle the operations at Inbound, Outbound, Replenishment, System training, process training etc.,
  • Accountable for receipts and dispatch.
  • Consistently deliver inventory accuracy up to 97% or as required by the client
  • Keep the distribution center neat and clean.
  • Follow the work practices, on mutually agreed terms  with the client
  • Supervisory teams and below will be on need basis with numbers varying as per requirement and freight movement.
  • Coordinate with designated transport operator for smooth flow of vehicles from and to stores.
Scope :
  • Receipt of goods from various suppliers.(Unloading)
  • Sorting and grading of Unloaded materials
  • Storing
  • Batch making
  • Standardization of crates
  • Order processing(providing material issue note)
  • Loading(for Transportation)
  • Transport related co ordination
  • Inter cellular movement.
  • Waste management
  • Rejected item management
  • Housekeeping
  • MIS preparation
  • Quality control in all the stages
  • Co ordination with Management team.
Additional Support Services :
  • House Keeping, Pest Control, Electrical Mechanical Maintenance, Security Services and Transport arrangements.
  • Transportation of material in and out of Distribution center.
  • Any add-on Service delivery, coordination and supervision.